//Agreement To Receive Notices Electronically Condo Act

Agreement To Receive Notices Electronically Condo Act

Owners who request electronic communications are responsible for managing when they change their email address. The administration must update its records as soon as this information is received. Fortunately, the department has given some indication of the nature of this consent. On the website of the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, you will find a document entitled “Electronic Communications Reception Agreement.” It is a simple form in which owners can agree to be served electronically by filling out their name, email address and signature. Your consent to e-mail communications was given as soon as the signed form was returned to the registry office. The Condominium Act has specific requirements on how messages should be sent to homeowners: Email is a faster and cheaper way to provide this type of documents, but this solution will not work for all condominiums. Some states do not allow associations to send documents and communications electronically, and some councils are simply not satisfied with this method of service or notification, even if it is legal. Once you have an email address database and have obtained the consent of your owners, you can start distributing your messages via email. For smaller condos, you can use your favorite email client to send these messages. For larger condominiums, it`s time to use software for condominium management or e-governance sales services to send notifications to your homeowners. In the past, PMs or board members may have printed a notice for an upcoming owners` meeting or a package of general meetings for each owner and sent these communications manually or by mail. Of course, it takes time and can be expensive. There are certain types of communications that cannot be sent electronically, even if the owner has agreed to receive electronic communications.

These restrictions vary depending on where you live, but may also include: to strengthen consumer protection, amendments to the Condo Act introduced new mandatory notices and certificates, which must be distributed annually to homeowners.

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