//Citizens Bank Deposit Agreement

Citizens Bank Deposit Agreement

We also have the right to “freeze” or place a “maintenance” on your account (d. h. do not request payment) and/or prevent deposits in your account from being made for a reasonable period of time if (i) we have the right to compensation, (ii) there are claims or disputes regarding your account, or (iii) we believe in good faith that we have a right against you or the funds in your account, or that something has happened or is reasonably expected that we have a right against you or the funds in your account. This paragraph is not applied in violation of existing legislation. Once your deposit is complete, the images of the cheques are not recorded on your mobile device by the system. You agree that you will not use other means to electronically record the images of cheques you register with your mobile device. They agree to make any filing without delay. In case you can`t complete your deposit on time, you agree to have your mobile device securely in your possession until the filing closes, or to remove the associated images from the app. You agree to use mobile banking for legitimate purposes and in accordance with the laws, statutes, regulations and regulations relating to mobile banking and all banking laws contemplated there. You provide the following guarantees and assurances for each image of an original check that you transmit to Citizens Bank – Trust Co.

using the Mobile Capture program as part of Mobile Banking: In addition, you accept the terms and conditions in other sections of this Agreement and your responsibilities in the Transfers section below. The publication of the provisions relating to electronic transfers can be obtained under www.ctznsbank.com/pdf/ELECTRONIC%20FUND%20TRANSFERS.pdf. Please read our online banking and publishing contract www.ctznsbank.com/servag.html for more information. Your account is governed by existing government laws (in the current version) that govern the type of account you open or manage with us and will be managed accordingly. All deposit accounts opened online are considered open and maintained in the state of North Carolina. www.ctznsbank.com/pdf/ELECTRONIC FUND RANSFERS.pdf To determine the availability of your deposits, each day is a “working day” except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

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