//Penn State Intellectual Property Agreement

Penn State Intellectual Property Agreement

The signed copy of the IP agreement accompanies the action of the staff (“NAPP” in EASY) who appoint or transfer a person to a position covered by this policy. Personnel measures that require, but do not include, a signed INTELLECTUAL property agreement will not be dealt with until the agreement has been signed. Please note that the requirement to identify individuals in Item 2, to sign an intellectual property agreement, is as follows: (1) the university`s obligations under the Federal Bayh-Dole Act to effectively patent and transfer inventions from publicly funded research for the benefit of the public and to grant the government a licence to use such inventions for public purposes; (2) the university`s compliance with contractual conditions through industry-supported research; and (3) the university`s responsibility to protect the intellectual property of our faculties and students. There are no plans to restrict the free exchange of scientific information or to prohibit free and open cooperation between scientists or scientists. Penn State may cede intellectual property or grant an option for an exclusive license (subject to a pre-negotiated royalty or fee) as long as all project collaborators are willing to do so. As an alternative, Penn State may grant non-exclusive rights to the use of IP and the ability to negotiate an exclusive license on an economically reasonable basis. Note: Previous options (pre-negotiated allocation and/or exclusive licenses) are not suitable for projects where one or more project collaborators have a significant financial interest in the sponsor (as defined in the 06th PC). Nor are such options suitable for mental protection solutions in the field of human health. Projects involving the College of Medicine, the Applied Research Lab and the College of Ag Science may be subject to additional requirements. Please consult the decision tree of the industrial agreement to determine the corresponding working conditions. It is up to the head of household or the competent budget administrator to ensure that the INTELLECTUAL property agreement is presented and signed to anyone who meets the above conditions. Letters of offer must include a declaration that the signing of the Ip Agreement in annex is a condition of employment.

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