//Quickbooks License Agreement

Quickbooks License Agreement

In addition to QuickBooks Point of Sale software, the term “software” includes all other programs, tools, applications, internet services, components and all “updates” (fixes and fixes) or “improvements” (new or improved features, compatibility, performance and/or content) of the software provided by Intuit after the date you received your first copy of the software. QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 18.0 software, purchased on a separate standalone basis, is suitable for updates and extensions on a basis available until May 31, 2021, which should be the current support period for QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 18.0. Subscription-purchased software licenses are eligible for these updates and enhancements during the active subscription period. You understand that unsurpassed versions of the software may be vulnerable due to uncorrected issues, including errors, security and other risks, and that Intuit is not responsible for the continued use of this software. 2.4 Intuit payment products. If you choose within the software to request and use intuitive payment products, you understand and accept the most up-to-date versions of the terms of use of intuit payment products. Terms of use of Intuit payment products are currently available here: Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Service: quickbooks.intuit.com/payments/legal/. From time to time, Intuit can update these terms of use. Check out the most recent version (s) or versions of these Terms of Use for Intuit payment products on the product website. 5.1. Money Movement Services.5.1.1.

Intuit Payments Inc. Intuit and its subsidiaries and/or related companies offer additional services that contain payment features that you can obtain in connection with your use of the software (“Adhesive Payment Services”). The following ancillary services are the following additional licenses and subscription services that can be purchased in conjunction with the software: the pay slip for office services; Assisted Payroll Subscription for Desktop; and direct payment services. To the extent that your use of ancillary payments involves the transfer of funds, whether in connection with payroll processing, tax payments, payments to lenders or similar payment services (together “Money Movement Services”), such Money Movement Services will be provided to you by Intuit Payments Inc. (“IPI”), a chain of money licensed. Please note that, although Money Movement services are provided by IPI, IPI is not required, in certain circumstances, to provide these services as part of its money transfer licenses.

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