//Restructuring Support Agreement Definition

Restructuring Support Agreement Definition

(f) effect of termination. Subject to the provisions of Section 15 and Section 7, point (d), this agreement is null and void after the termination of this agreement, pursuant to this section 8, and no longer has any effect or effect, and each party, unless otherwise stated in this agreement, is released without delay from its respective commitments, obligations, obligations, obligations and agreements within the framework or under this agreement. , has no other rights, benefits or prerogatives under this agreement and has all rights and remedies it would have had and is entitled to take all measures, whether restructuring or any other way it could have taken if it had not entered into this agreement, and none of these rights or remedies are considered to be a result of a claim by Laches or Estoppel for the reason terms and conditions of these parties. This agreement, with respect to these rights or remedies during the restructuring support period; provided that such a disclosure does not in any way relieve some of the responsibility for its violation or non-compliance with its obligations under this Agreement prior to this termination or any obligation arising from this Agreement which, on its terms, expressly applies to termination; If a willing creditor has a claim on a claim for damages against the company for violation of this agreement, that debt rests with the company or the companies that are required to provide guaranteed or legacy credit notes on such willing creditors. In order to avoid any doubt, the termination of this agreement due to a single termination event is effective only in the context of such a willing creditor terminating, and this agreement remains fully in force and valid as for all other parties. (x) undertake economically appropriate efforts to consult with the company in order to obtain additional support from other creditors of the company for the restructuring. (iii) support for the entry of backstop orders, the disclosure statement and the confirmation order; In order to facilitate restructuring, the ad hoc backstop warranty parties and the ad hoc legacy backstop parties negotiate and enter into an agreement with the company to support the rights offer (the backstop commitment agreement), subject to completing final documents that are consistent with the form and content of this backstop sheet and which are otherwise reasonably acceptable to the backstop parties. This summary of the proposed essential terms of sale (this timesheet) of July 31, 2020 contains the main terms of sale of the Senior Secured Second Link notes (notes) that will be issued as part of a restructuring proposal, which will be issued by a Chapter 11 plan (the plan) of Noble plc Corporation (the entity) and some of its subsidiaries (together) , the debtors), who, on July 31, 2020 (the date of the petition), are cases covered by Chapter 11 of Title 11 of the U.S. Code, 11 U.S.C

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