//Tutor Agreement Template

Tutor Agreement Template

Below is a simple catch-up agreement. If you like this support agreement, use a PDF note app and fill out your contact information, fees and payment details. Remember, this is just a pattern. Edit and add details using a PDF editor to tailor it to your support needs and services. Any loss of time due to the late arrival of the tutor is compensated by the extension of a lesson by mutual agreement and by the loss of time. During this boom, support services are needed and private tutors must focus on the legal part of this business in order to ensure the smooth running of their activities. It is important to have a binding agreement in the form of a contract defining the nature of the commitment of your students (or parents). The easing, leniency, waiver or release of any of the rights within the meaning of this agreement by a party on one occasion prevents the subsequent application of those rights and is not considered a waiver of a subsequent violation of any of the conditions. If you want to offer courses online rather than face-to-face, you should instead use the terms of sale of the website – Online Courses (B2C) in our B2C (Online Services Professional Services Terms of Sale) sub-file.

It is important to clarify your payment terms and rates for each tutoring service. How should your students pay: online, via PayPal or cash? Make sure you know if they pay lesson per lesson or for a full course. A course could be a 10 hour package that could include a 10% discount. This way, your customers will know exactly what they have to pay if they agree to work with you and your service. Please provide details on the late cancellation. What happens if the student doesn`t cancel in time? The free support contract provided here is ideal for independent contractors who can offer courses or coaching in a variety of subjects. The tutor provides the student with private lessons on the following topics: Payment is made immediately after the closing of a support session. If the student is a legal minor, the parent/guardian accepts and accepts, on behalf of the student, all the conditions contained there. The goal of a successful support contract is to achieve the goals and meet the expectations of the learner and tutor. This model does not provide information on a specific subject, but it is adapted to teaching a university discipline normally taught in SCHOOLS in the UK. This support contract can be terminated at any time by each party by notifying the other party (days before written notification). In order to minimize the risk of misunderstanding and to ensure that the student can make satisfactory progress, the proposal also contains optional provisions regarding the teacher`s obligations to the student, the obligations required by the student and their parents and their parents, and various practical and legal issues (including issues such as booking and cancelling instruction and payment).

Each party bears the cost of internet data and software/subscriptions incurred when needed to facilitate online tutoring. Fees can be adjusted from time to time and come into effect after they have communicated in writing to the student. Today, more than ever, academic performance plays an indispensable role in deciding whether student students can qualify to attend their favorite school and pursue the university degrees of their dreams.

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