//Westrock Credit Agreement

Westrock Credit Agreement

In addition, as part of the merger operations in effect at the time of effective time, the Company has taken over the sponsorship of some of the other compensation and performance plans and agreements of WRKCo or KapStone, including the following plans and agreements, as well as all rights and obligations of WRKCo or KapStone within this period. (i) WRKCo 401 (k) retirement savings plan; (ii) MeadWestvaco Corporation`s executive reprocessing plan, as amended and amended effective January 1, 2009; (iii) the Rock-Tenn Company`s executive reprocessing plan, as amended and confirmed until October 27, 2011; (iv) the MeadWestvaco Corporate Retirement Restoration Plan, which comes into effect on January 1, 2015; (v) the wrkCo plan for deferred compensation; (vi) wrKCo 2016 for deferred compensation for non-employee directors; (vii) MeadWestvaco Corporation`s residual earnings program, effective January 1, 2007, as amended; (viii) the DCO`s consolidated pension plan; (ix) the correspondence agreement between Robert A. Feeser and WRKCo of December 12, 2016; x) the employment agreement reached on 23 January 2017 between Marc Shore, Multi Packaging Solutions International Limited and WRKCo; (xi) Rock-Tenn Company`s annual executive bonus program as amended; (xii) the second annual executive bonus program revised and revised from the wrkCo; (xiii) the KapStone 401 (k) plan; and (xiv) KapStone`s benefit reprocessing plan, as amended and revised effective January 1, 2015. In addition, under the merger agreement, at the time of the effective effect period, the Company adopted all outstanding bonuses awarded under the shares of WRKCo and KapStone shares (including the shares underlying these premiums), arbitration agreements that justify the awarding of these bonuses and, in the case of the equity-based incentive plans of WRKCo , the remaining shares available under the current plan. , in all cases, subject to the adjustment of these premiums in the manner defined in the concentration agreement. With respect to mergers, the Company and some of its subsidiaries (i) entered into a july 1, 2015 credit agreement (the “2015 credit contract”), with wells Fargo Bank, National Association (“Wells Fargo”), as a multi-currency administrator and agent, (ii) a addition to the credit contract of October 31, 2017 (the “Credit Contract 2017”) , with Wells Fargo as administrative representative, (iii) adherence to the credit agreement of 1 July 2015 (the “Farm Loan Credit Agreement”), with CoBank, ACB, as a director and (iv) adheres to the credit agreement of 27 April 2018 (the “European revolving credit contract” and, in conjunction with the 2015 credit contract, the 2017 credit contract and the credit contract for agricultural loans , the “credit contract”), with Co-peratieve Rabobank U.A., New York Branch, as a director (clauses (i) to (iv), together the “Joinders”).

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