//Ryerson Cupe 233 Collective Agreement

Ryerson Cupe 233 Collective Agreement

The Ryerson All-Union Coalition strongly supports the ontario College`s current striking faculties` tariff claims. These teachers, trainers, consultants and librarians work for quality education and quality jobs. It is regrettable that the College`s Management Board forced them to take the difficult decision to go on strike. Disclaimer: Online versions of these collective agreements are intended for the convenient reference of union group members, leaders and other interested parties. When a conflict is found between these versions and official documents, the conditions of official documents are given priority. Note: Due to the pay gap for the lead hand described above, Lead Hands receives just under 1.75% in the second year and just under 2% for years 3 and 4. Ryerson University entered into a new collective agreement with OPSEU Local 596 in December 2018. Currently, there is no negotiation update. These include a synthesis of changes to the collective agreement and the impact on executives.

A copy of the new collective agreement is now also available on the HR website. Talk to your human resources advisors or union representatives if you have any questions about these new provisions. The wage gap between lead positions and other positions within the trading unit had gone beyond the historically agreed difference of $2.50 per hour. The parties agreed to maintain a difference of 2.50 $US in years 2, 3 and 4 of the collective agreement. Look for updates on the negotiations and read the supporting documents provided so that you can understand your collective agreement. “We believe this can be a great opportunity for voting members,” Joo Soares, president of CUPE 233, said in a statement to The Eye. “According to our collective agreement, Ryerson University is committed to completing our full-time careers.” As described above, Ryerson University entered into a new collective agreement with CUPE Local 233 in November 2018. It was agreed to increase maintenance and maintenance, maintenance and operations staff, both for the new Daphne Cockwell building and for staff reinforcement CUPE 233 for both units prior to the final round of negotiations. The ministry will “consult with the sector on how best to achieve these results.” Please visit the CupE Local 3904, Unit 1 Academic Negotiations page on the Faculty`s business website. Overtime: time and half for all work after 8 hours a day or on Saturday. Double time for all work on Sunday or for all work in the third consecutive team.

Can be taken as a break instead, maximum 48 hours of accumulation. Leave with payment: 1 1/4 days per month or 3 weeks at the beginning, 1 2/3 days per month or 4 weeks after 8 years, 2.08 days per month or 5 weeks after 15 years, 2.5 days per month or 6 weeks after 25 years. Extra week of the 25th, 30th, 35th year. During the 20th year of employment, workers are given half-day leave (half-day Friday afternoon) for each long weekend in May, July and August. In addition, these employees receive paid leave from their birthday recognition. The worker may transfer unused leave credits, A maximum of 15 days for workers entitled to 1.25 days of leave per month, a maximum of 20 days for workers entitled to 1.66 days of leave per month, a maximum of 25 days for workers entitled to 2.08 days of leave per month and a maximum of 30 days for workers with a leave of 2.50 days per month. Ryerson University is implementing a single voluntary retirement program as part of its anti-5.3% reduction in the operating budget.

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