//Subscription Agreement In Chinese

Subscription Agreement In Chinese

1. LICENSE; RESTRICTIONS ON USE 1.1 You will receive a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited restricted license for access and use for research purposes that are made available to you from time to time. This license includes: (a) the right not to display more than one person at the same time, subject to the additional conditions applicable to certain materials, materials that are accessed by online services; (b) the right to obtain a print of material via print orders for online services and to create a single expression of downloaded material via online service download orders (authorized impressions); 1.2 To the extent that copyright allows it and the additional conditions do not further restrict or prohibit certain materials, you can make copies of authorized prints and distribute authorized prints and copies. 1.3 All rights, titles and interests (including all copyrights and other intellectual property rights) on online services and materials (printed or machine readable) belong to the online service provider or its third-party hardware providers. They do not acquire ownership of online services, materials or copies. 1.4 Unless expressly stated, you cannot use online services or materials that are accessed by online services in a way that infringes copyright or property rights. 1.5 You cannot delete or conceal copyright or any other reference contained in documents viewed by online services. 1.6 They may not use the information contained in online services or materials accessed by online services to determine a consumer`s right for credit or insurance purposes for personal, family or domestic purposes; b) employment; or (c) a state license or delivery. 2. SERVICES 2.1 Only people authorized by the subscriber organization can access and use online services.

2.2 Hardware and features can be added or removed from online services, and online services can be changed without notice. 3. LIMITED WARRANTY 3.1 The online service provider assures and guarantees that it has the right and authority to provide services and materials online in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. 3.2 Online services made available and any third-party hardware provider explicitly reject all guarantees, including guarantee of purchasing capacity and suitability for a specific purpose. 4. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY 4.1 A affected party (as defined below) is not liable for losses, injuries, claims, claims or damages of any kind resulting from (a) errors or omissions of online services or the equipment or equipment contained in them, b) the unavailability or interruption of online services or their functions or equipment. (c) your use of online services or materials (regardless of this) if you have received assistance from an insured party for the use of online services), (d) your use of devices related to online services, (e) the content of the material or (f) delays or loss of service outside the proper control of an insured party.

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