//Agreement To Sell A Plot

Agreement To Sell A Plot

3. If the first party fails to execute and register the deed of sale for the benefit of the second party or its nominee, the first party shall be obliged to pay the lump sum damage to the second party or before the date fixed above, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, which shall be expressly applied by judicial means. 7. That the seller receives the transfer authorization letter / NOC from the relevant authority with regard to the aforementioned property in favor of the buyer / seller and that the seller pays all fees, charges, taxes, etc. regarding the aforementioned property in the relevant division / authority. 6. Where it is established, before the completion of the sale, that the part or parts of the land is concerned by an improvement plan envisaged or published by the town planning, or that it is concerned in one way or another by a plan envisaged or published by the municipal body or another public body or another government, or that it is reserved for public purposes, the buyer has the right: to terminate this contract and, in this case, each party bears and pays its own costs, provided that, if the seller or one of them has or has concealed a notice thereof, the buyer is entitled to all costs, costs and charges that he will incur and the damages he has suffered. 5. Sellers shall declare and confirm that the land in question is not subject to a contract of sale or lease in favour of a person and that no interest has been created in the land mentioned for the benefit of a person. The buyer can start construction on the mentioned land as soon as the sale is completed. 14.

If the sale is not in ………. Months from the date of this agreement, without act, omission or delay of the sellers, the buyer must pay the sellers interest on the equivalent of …….. % per year, from the date of expiry of this period of six months and until the date of closing of the sale, on the purchase price he must pay. 3. The sellers will issue a marketable property of this land, free from any charge, costs and any right to the satisfaction of the buyer`s lawyer. Sellers will receive, at their own expense, all overdue discounts and will eliminate all defects, charges and claims on or on the property. (7) The sale is in …….. months from the date of this contract, when the purchase price must be paid by the buyer to the sellers. Sellers will perform, deliver or deliver or deliver a deed of transmission in due form for the benefit of the buyer or its nominees or nominees. While the sellers are absolutely confiscated and possessed or are, in any other way, well and sufficiently authorized to use the land no. ….,. .


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