//Article Of Agreement Pdf

Article Of Agreement Pdf

The ICSID Convention was founded on a multilateral agreement and entered into force on 14 October 1966. Each World Bank Group organization works according to procedures set out in its By-Law or equivalent relevant document. These documents describe the conditions of membership and the general principles of organization, management and operation. You clicked on a link to a page that is not part of the beta version of the new worldbank.org. Before we leave, we`d love to get your feedback on your experience while you`ve been here. Will you take two minutes to complete a brief survey that will help us improve our website? 1980 JCT Standard Form of Building Contract s. 5-10 | The MIGA Convention was reviewed by the Bank`s Executive Directors on the basis of draft agreements prepared by Bank staff. The Convention entered into force on 12 April 1988. Thank you for agreeing to comment on the new version of worldbank.org; Your response will help us improve our website. | English Español | French| | Portuguese русский | 中文 | 日本語 The articles of the contract constitute the contract between the parties, while the terms of the contract define certain provisions relating to its performance.

The IFC By-Laws were drafted by the Bank`s Executive Directors and entered into force on 20 July 1956. The IFC government document was amended four times: September 21, 1961, September 1, 1965, April 28, 1993, and June 27, 2012. . Thank you for participating in this survey! Your feedback is very useful to us, as we are working to improve the functionality of the site on worldbank.org. The IDA Statute was drafted by the Bank`s Executive Directors and entered into force on September 24, 1960. The ibRD articles of the Agreement were drawn up at the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference held in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, from 1 to 22 July 1944. The government document entered into force on 27 December 1945 and was amended three times: on 17 December 1965, on 16 February 1989 and on 27 June 2012. Headquarters 1818 H Street, NW Washington, DC 20433 UNITED STATES (202) 473-1000. . . .

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