//System Administrator Agreement Template

System Administrator Agreement Template

In particular, the principles of academic freedom, freedom of expression and data protection have a significant impact on the administration of the IT system at UCB. Persons with privileged access must comply with applicable directives, laws, regulations, precedents and procedures, while taking the necessary steps to provide quality, timely and reliable IT services. For example, individuals must comply with the provisions of the University of California(UC) Electronic Communications Policy (ECP), which require the slightest review of content and the weakest measures to resolve a situation. Privileged access allows a person to take actions that may affect other users` computer systems, network communication, or accounts, files, data, or processes. Privileged access is typically granted to system administrators, network administrators, IT account management officers, or other staff whose professional duties require specific qualifications for an IT system or network. Individuals with privileged access must respect the rights of system users, respect the integrity of systems and associated physical resources, and comply with all relevant laws or regulations. Individuals are also required to keep abreast of the procedures, business practices and business management guidelines regarding the activities of their local department. . Authorization In most cases, the holder of an electronic communications dataset (see ECP definitions) must be obtained before accessing its files or intervening in its processes. If consent cannot be obtained, the PCE`s conditions for “access without consent” must be met. (See Section IV of the PCE. B and also “Authorization of access to electronic communications on the Berkeley campus.”) Systems or resources allowed for privileged access: In the absence of compelling circumstances (see ECP definitions) the examination of information contained in an account or the blocking of a suspected compromised account should be postponed until normal business hours, in order to allow for appropriate authorisation and/or notification activities. Signature Authorization _____ The provisions of the PCE must be complied with when electronic communications records are involved in any situation (see definitions in Annex A of the PCE).

. In the event of a conflict or dispute regarding activities related to this Agreement, individuals may assert their rights to resolve the situation through existing procedures. Such procedures would include informal procedures for resolving supervisory or divisional conflicts, relevant provisions of employment policy or contracts, procedures for student or faculty behaviour or other documents relating to the person`s membership of the university. Notification In both cases, the employee or any other public authority shall endeavour, as soon as possible, in accordance with the law and university policy, to inform the person(s) concerned of the action(s) taken and the reasons for such action(s). .

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